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Privacy Statement

Protecting customer information is important to us. You can feel confident that when you deal with Jordans NSW Pty Ltd, your personal information will not be used in anyway that you did not intend it to be used.
The type of information we require depends on how you wish to use this web site. It is possible for you to visit this web site without telling us who you are.
This web site does not collect any personal information about individuals unless that information is required to apply for one of our many services such as request a

  • service call
  • product sales quote
  • installation quote

  •  when applying for a position or to reply to a request for further information.

Your information will be held in strictest confidence. Personal information will not be released to third parties.

FAQ’s - about our Online privacy and security

Q: How will you use any information that I submit?
A: We will use your information for the purpose of completing business with us, or in any way that you give us permission to.

Q: Will you sell my information to other companies?
A: No, we never sell, trade, lease or rent any personally identifiable information to other companies.

Q: Does this web site use cookies?
A: Yes we do use cookies to make it easier for you to use this website and to provide a better, more customised service for customers. Cookies are bits of information that the website can transfer to your computers hard drive. For instance there is a cookie that remembers all your contact details when you submit a project proposal request. The next time you submit a project proposal request the cookie will display your contact details so you don't have to re-enter them.

Q: Do you use any tracking devices?
A: Whenever a page is accessed over the web, this web site records the time, date and URL (Uniform Resource Locater - global address on the WWW) of the request. This information cannot uniquely identify user information. It allows us to improve our service to you and to other customers as a whole. For example, we compile statistics that show the daily number of visitors to our sites, the daily requests we receive for particular files on our web sites, and what countries those requests come from. These aggregated statistics are used internally to better provide services to the public.

Q: What is "spam" and does this web site use it?
A: Spam means unsolicited advertising material sent via email. We will not send out this type of material.

You can obtain information on privacy issues in Australia by visiting the Australian Federal Privacy Commissioner's website at www.privacy.gov.au

Drug and Alcohol Policy

Jordans  is committed to a safe, healthy, and productive workplace for all employees. The Company recognizes that alcohol, drugs, or other substance abuse by employees will impair their ability to perform properly and will have serious effects on the safety, efficiency and productivity of other employees and the Company as a whole.

 The misuse of legitimate drugs, or the use, possession, distribution, or sale of illicit or unprescribed drugs on company business or premises, is strictly prohibited and is grounds for immediate termination. Possession, use, distribution, or sale of alcoholic beverages on company premises is not allowed without prior approval of appropriate senior management. At NO time are any Apprentices regardless of age, allowed to consume any drugs or alcohol while on location at a company work site or at the home office(s).

Being unfit for work because of use of drugs or alcohol is strictly prohibited and is grounds for termination of employment. While this policy refers specifically to alcohol and drugs, it is intended to apply to inhalants and all other forms of substance abuse.

The Company recognizes alcohol or drug dependency as a treatable condition. Employees who suspect they have an alcohol or drug dependency are encouraged to seek profesional advice and to follow appropriate treatment promptly before it results in job performance problems. No employee with alcohol or drug dependency will be terminated due to the request for help in overcoming that dependency or because of involvement in a rehabilitation effort. However, an employee who has had or is found to have a substance abuse problem will not be permitted to work in designated positions identified by management as being critical to the safety and wellbeing of employees, the public or the Company. If an employee suffering from alcohol or drug dependency refuses rehabilitation or fails to respond to treatment or fails to meet satisfactory standards of effective work performance, appropriate disciplinary action, up to and including termination, will be taken. This policy does not require and should not result in any special regulations, privileges, or exemptions from normal job performance requirements.

The Company may conduct unannounced searches for drugs and alcohol on company-owned or controlled property. The Company may also require employees to submit to medical evaluation or alcohol and drug testing when cause exists to suspect alcohol or drug use, including workplace incidents. Unannounced periodic or random testing may be conducted when an employee meets any one of the following conditions: has had a substance abuse problem, or is working in a designated position identified by management, a position where testing is required by law, or a specified executive position. A positive test result or refusal to submit to a drug or alcohol test is grounds for disciplinary action, including termination.

Contractor(s) are also covered by this policy. Those who violate the policy will be removed from company premises and may be denied future entry.

Corporate Responsibility               

Our Approach 

Our approach to corporate responsibility and sustainability encapsulates our beliefs towards safety, our people, our communities and the environments in which we operate. It reflects how we want the business to behave in a socially responsible and environmentally sustainable manner. Our corporate responsibility and sustainability approach is guided by some key principles and policies in regards to:
  • Causing no harm to our people and making safety an instinctive part of our culture and operations.
  • Ensuring Quality of Service throughout our business to our customers, with both quality of workmanship and follow up customer service in all fields in which we operate.
  • Reducing our impact on our environment through responsible environmental practices and operations.

OH&S Policy

Achieving Our Goal Of Zero Injury 

Safety is paramount and underpins the way we operate. It is a natural part of our culture and in conjunction with all our employees and contractors we are committed to the highest possible health and safety standards in the home office and all site locations. At Jordans we believe that building a sustained improvement in safety performance is fundamental in achieving a competitive edge and achieving our goal of zero Injury.
We have instituted compliant, and where appropriate, accredited safety management systems, supervision and education programmes to ensure safe and healthy working environments. We promote the monitoring and improvement of safety in the workplace.

We are committed to making sure that safety is an instinctive part of our every day operations and every job we do. While zero injury is our goal, unfortunately they do occur, and in the event they do, we are committed to the effective and quick rehabilitation of affected staff through proactive return to work programmes.

Environmental Policy

Jordans NSW are committed to responsible management of all our operations with the least possible impact on the environment.

To ensure environmental responsible behavior is accepted as an integral part of our operations, we are committed to:

  • Ensuring that an environmental risk analysis is preformed on all projects and that work methods are created which will minimize harm to the environment;
  • Examining opportunities to effectively manage waste products which are created by our processes;
  • The education of our employees, subcontractors and suppliers to ensure that the requirements for environmental responsibility are integrated into our work practices and training, and are included in performance assessment;
  • The use of materials and products in our processes which have the least environmental impact;
  • Positively contribute to enhancing the environment through innovation and process development;
  • Monitoring our environmental management performance on a regular basis;
  • Continuous improvement of our Environmental Management System by conducting regular system audits AND;
  • Regular communication of our environmental initiatives to our staff and customers