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Home Heating and Cooling

Keep cool in summer

Jordans can install a wide range of airconditioning systems designed to keep your home or office cool on the hottest of days. We can give you advice on the system that will best suit your needs and then complete the installation.

Keep warm in winter

From gas log fires, portable room heaters to airconditioning systems, Jordans has got you covered for winter. Talk to one of our heating experts to find out the most efficient and economical way to heat your home. Our qualified tradesmen can then supply and install the system in your home or office.

Heating and cooling servicing

Now is the time to have your heating or cooling system serviced to ensure its optimal performance. Jordans is the authorised service agent for a wide range of heating and airconditioning systems and can ensure you don't get caught out in the summer or winter months.

CALL US NOW ON 1300 660 141 for all your heating and cooling needs.